2-82 Golf Course Rd, Woodford, QLD 4514
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Club History

On May 12th 1933 a group of Woodford residents met at the RSL Hall to discuss the formation of a Golf Club.

From this early meeting the Woodford Golf Club came into being, albeit not at its current location. The original 9 hole course was located on land at the rear of the Caboolture Co-operative Association Ltd factory.

The first Executive included Mr W. Cobb - President, Mr C.J. Johnstone and Mr T.H. Smith – Secretary/Treasurer, and Mr J.C. Webb (Snr) – Patron. The official opening of the course was performed by Mr Grimstone, MLA on October 8th 1933. The club continued at this location until 1942, when due to World War II it went into recess.

On 7th August 1946 at a Special General Meeting it was resolved that the Woodford Golf Club be reformed. During the early part of 1947 it was decided to select a new site for the course. The present site was originally leased from Mrs Teske and purchased in 1948 when the land became available for sale. The building that had served as a clubhouse on the original course was dismantled and re-erected, with the addition of a verandah, on the present site.

The club has subsequently seen expansions and eventually a new clubhouse to accommodate our growing membership. The 9 hole course on the present site was officially opened by the Club President, Dr. R.L. Rankin on 30th May 1948. Some 22 years later on 21st March 1970, after much voluntary labour by both members and associates, the course was extended to 18 holes.

In the early years of the club, upcoming events were written on a blackboard, being replaced in 1956 by a typed programme circulated to members and associates. It was not until April 1962 that the first fixture books were printed.

Today we still print a few fixture books but predominately rely on electronic media to communicate with our members. Have a look around our clubhouse – we have a variety of memorabilia depicting our history showcased.

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